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Jambo and karibu!

(Hello and welcome!)


Our Director, Vikki, was born in Kenya and lived there for five short years, before coming to the UK, where she has spent her years growing up. Kenya and its people hold a special place in her heart and that was one of the reasons she was very keen to set this business up. 

There is something extra special about Kenya.  The moment the doors of the aeroplane open and the warm African air hits you - it's pure magic! If you've never been, it's very hard to impress upon you this incredible feeling.

SHAMBA SHACK Ltd was created to bring a little bit of Kenya to the UK for you to enjoy and experience.  In doing so, we are able to bring you a beautiful selection of hand crafted, ethical products, made by the people who live there and work the land.

We know you will love the products just as much as we do!

Asante Sana (thank you) for joining us on our journey!


OUR MISSION is to help support women in Kenya.


OUR VISION is to be able to give something back to the girls and women in Kenya. We are currently collecting bras to send out to the ladies. If you have any bras you would like to donate, please do get in touch with us. 

We are also working towards helping end period poverty by providing a special packages which will include underwear, reusable sanitary products and a bag to store the products in.